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Unique, flexible , innovative web design and solutions with linkme. What’s your style? It’s time to increase your profits and surprise your consumers , your competitors. Linkme offer top quality best professional web designs, web development and IT solutions relevant to your business. We always focuses on achieving your goals within your budgets. We love what linkme do and our web designs and web developments will be more search engine friendly. We have extensive experience in web designing and linkme help to increase your business profit and growing your brand. We give same level concentration to every project. Start your business website with business domain from linkme,30 days free. You will get professional email and free online storage. Our web sites rich in features so simply contact us any time.

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Responsive Web Design and Web Development

Link me is a Sri Lankan professional web design and developing company. We specialize in our own way to design and develop responsive web design. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and linkme always try to keep up-to-date web designs and graphic designs. If you search out to grow your business over the web surely you want to contact us , we can make your dreams a reality.

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO

SEO is to ensure maximum visibility of your web site in cyber space. SEO is the leading online marketing solution. Search Engines get billions of visitors each day, your web site can appear at the top beyond all those searches. Our SEO services would improve search engine rankings, guiding to increase your profits through your website.

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Network Auditing and Solutions

Linkme give you a comprehensive view of your network, software and any hardware information. Our solutions give you real – time snapshots of your network status. You can analyze scan results using reports easily. Linkme provide end to end service and we can help you with quality IT service today. Linkme team provide IT Services, Server Consolidation or Virtualisation , IT Consulting, Network auditing, Communication Solutions ( VOIP Systems), Security.

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Successful web design is needed for achieve business goals. Can we use a website for the business and to realize your goals? If you think to success in the internet or through internet marketing, the answer is simple. It is a web design! Get a real change, Create a own website trough Linkme.

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Through our expertise experience we can find out what your desire is... We have wide range of IT services. Our solutions are matched for the future world.

Software Development

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Web Development

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Logo Design

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Graphic Design

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Travel / Hotel Websites

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Web Portals

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Web Hosting

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How Do We work Step by Steps in Web Design ?

Describe about our process of achieving client’s goals within proper plan and we always highly consider about client’s satisfaction


Gather details from clients and other related sources such as competitors and relevant areas , then find out information for finalized our client’s web design projects.


  • Research
  • Observe
  • Understand
  • Analyze

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Design our client’s websites using standard structural techniques and finalized information.


  • Use Case
  • Wireframes
  • Design Layout
  • Concepts

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Implement final visual design of client’s websites and carry on better communication with them for making their website as the best.


  • Communicate
  • Visual Design
  • Coding

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In this step we launch your website after testing and finalized web design. now it is open to the world. Also we update the website to your social networks.


  • Usability
  • Testing
  • Verification

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Linkme is ready to give you 30 days free period for your web design. Feel the real difference from creative and innovative service. Linkme team is responsible for provide the 24 hours 7 days a week online service in what is the service you need, web design, web development, software design, SEO, graphic design and network solutions.. etc. linkme is ready to consult you about our services and we always try to give innovative solutions to yours requirement’s. Which type of web design you’re going to make…? Do you want to know about it before you start to make web site or your solution..? Link me is waiting for also you can discuss us and we can provide you confortable paying systems. Your success is the future of our business.

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