Do you know that your business can success through the internet from a website?

Already you have taken the steps for it, but are the results low? Couldn’t you get the expected results and market share? Did your competitors increase their brand name through the internet? Why they did it and how they did it? Quality of your web design gives an idea about you to the customer always who comes to your website. They will build a confidence about you and your brand. Your website is the reflection of your business. Quality of the visitors who you find depend on the professionalism of your website and these visitors bring massive business opportunities to you. Then market share will expand. How do you control all these things as you wish? You can decide leads, customers, clients, subscribers, fans. Yes! You can! This process happens in internet via search engine. We can’t recommend high quality web design or high quality content able to success your aims. User friendly interface design and optimized, responsive web designs are roaming always in search engine and be effective to implement your targets. Advance website will create by modern, competitive tricks like content writing methods, optimization methods, layouts handling, colour combinations…………..etc. Expected objectives will success through it.

Not a website but a partner

So simply our desire is; create an internet partner who supports to accomplish your business goals. From it you can achieve your business expansion, brand growth, new business opportunities…………… we can make yours web design which gather more customers and users. Website is core of your online marketing activities such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ppc, social media, email marketing…etc. if you search for an online marketing technique and activities you can see what is actually happening there. A website turns online visitors as customers. In marketing this calls conversion. Normally more people, companies waste their money investing in useless website techniques and others but if you build proper web design and invest your money with competitive, relevant online marketing techniques you can turn website users as your customers efficiently. Web design is not only basic coding knowledge. Sometimes you may need a website with more information, photos, and contact forms but did you get what you hope from your website? Is it your necessity? Exactly answer is no! then just start make your own website step by step as useful for your goals and business through our five phase web design process. Web designing is very complex process and Linkme believe that web design should be done to satisfy our customer needs and their success.

Not a template but a yours website

Do you like to buy a good that in a sale or a good which is only yours and produce for yours? 80% of web designers and web developing companies are creating web designs using web design templates due to their convenience and other few reasons. Buyer hasn’t a understanding about this. It is a huge loss and disadvantage to him. He lost the opportunity to be a competitive, unique and attractive entrepreneur in the internet. Same web design template is using for large amount of persons. Consumers like to view always a recent, unique one. What do you like if you are a consumer?
Then don’t do those useless things and create yours website that matching for your business needs. That web design is only yours because Linkme create latest web design for you by taking your feedback constantly through below steps, Plan Gather details from clients and other related sources such as competitors and relevant areas, then find out information for finalized our client’s web design projects. Design Design our client’s websites using standard structural techniques and finalized information concerning usability, ui and user-friendliness with user experience. Develop Implement final visual design of client’s websites and carry on better communication with them for making their web design as the best by adding and finalizing your content, photos, videos and other Medias and when we add content, we edit and optimized it as search engine friendly. Deploy In this step we launch your website after testing and finalized web design. Now it is open to the world. Also we update the website to your social networks. We monitoring what will happen after we launch your website and fixed any adjustment as required; also if you need we update and maintain your website up-to-date
We do everything exclusively and custom and linkme team work with you directly. Make a website for you and feel it only yours website by adding it your own theme, colours, artworks, styles………. Are you sure your information secure in your website? Do you know many websites are creating today without considering about security issues? So the information in your website can go to another party. Linkme always try to concern these things and updating security patches for secure your information. Don’t obstacles arise for your business journey if you are not a success competitor in competitive economy? Therefore release your website to the internet with a responsibility. Join with Linkme. Do you concern about customer satisfaction and need more clients with excellent perspective? Powerful website, great presence to your customers, clients, fans…….but how? Customer relationship and your market share depend on the media that you use to joining regularly with customers through internet, which is called website. At the end we handover a best website by gathering information from your competitors, clients and other information resources discussing with you and editing it step by step.

We design every kind of web design.

  1. Blog or Personal Web design
  2. Business Web design
  3. eCommerce Web design
  4. Photography Web design
  5. Writers / Authors Web design
  6. Online Business Brochure/Catalog Web design
  7. Photography Web design
  8. Travel Web design

High quality solutions from your website.

We have specialized internationally accepted conversion tools for provide the information that you need for your business from website

  • Customer statistics
  • Share market
  • Leads
  • Inquires
  • Customer feedback etc..

as the way you need it (ex-database, excel sheets, mails, sms)

Linkme team will provide it in highest quality and tasks which you expected able to do easily. Is your present website old? Are businesses low? Do you update it nearly? Already do you have a website? Is it like an old one when comparing with other websites? Web designs are always updating. If we tell how much it is fast, new technique may be finding in this minute anywhere of the world. Security auditors search security issues in website constantly. It must be update otherwise your website may be a reason for your business decline. Other information has to be update from recent security patches, and then other persons cannot be reaching. Your website should be a professional, attractive website from using modern styles and techniques. So customers get great attitudes about you. They will come to take goods and services from you.

Not the business place but the eye catching presentation

Many businesses have gone forward with higher percentage due to internet. Customer means users in cyber space in present. Thousands of people search good purchasers through the internet for their wants and needs in a second. So internet can be yours by eye catching web design, technique animations, content presentation…..etc. One day, one moment will be critical for you. That is why we have to update website regularly. The website already you have change as an effective business companion by discussing with us what are the actions have to be taken.